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16053 Richmond Ave. Markham, IL 60428



Bel-Aire Park

Lincoln & Parkside

This location has a Picnic Pavilion, Playground, Swings, Toddler Toys, and Basketball Courts. Equipment Donated by Home Depot.

Country-Aire Park

Roesner & Brich

This Location has Playground, Swings Toddler Toys, and Basketball & Multi-Purpose Field.

Donnelly Park

Country-Aire & Cypress

This location has a Playground and Swings.

Markham Memorial Park

163rd & Central Park

This location has Playground, Swings, Toddler Toys, Tennis Courts, Ball Diamond, and Soccer Field.

Martin Luther King Park

162nd & Laflin

This location is our flagship park, you will find major outdoors event held here. We have Picnic Pavilion, Playground, Swings, Toddler Toys Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, Ball Diamonds Concession Stand Multi-Purpose Field, Water Toys and 1.0mi Walking Path. In addition, we have a Field house to hold community events.

McNeil Park

157th & Trumbull

This location we have Grills Playground, Swings, Toddler Toys, & Multi-Purpose Field.

Peterzak Memorial Park

157th & Kedzie

This location is an open park to enjoy the fresh Plants and Flowers.

Roesner Memorial Park

160 & Richmond

This location houses the Administration Office. In addition, we have the Harold Murphy Gymnasium (Large Gym), Field house/Small Gym, Playground,  Basketball Courts, Soccer Field, Multi-Purpose Field and 1.0mi Walking Path.

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Martin Luther King Park

162nd & Laflin

Multi Purpose Room


Roesner Memorial Park

160 & Richmond

Picnic Pavilion

Banquet Hall

Bel-Aire Park

Lincoln & Parkside

Picnic Pavilion